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Your participation in the WEX EDGE Fuel Network is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. The EDGE Network is a program whereby merchants may offer discounts for goods and services to EDGE customers. Customer’s WEX cards will be EDGE Network-enabled and Customer will be enrolled as a member of the EDGE Network membership program operated by WEX affiliate Truckers B2B LLC. Customer will receive some of the EDGE Network benefits from third parties such as merchants, and WEX may provide some EDGE Network services and benefits to Customer through a WEX affiliate.
2. Fuel Merchant Discounts. Fuel merchants that have elected to participate in the EDGE Network have authorized Issuer to charge fleets for designated fuel purchases on a retail-minus basis. In order to calculate retail-minus pricing, WEX takes the retail price provided to WEX at the time of the transaction and subtracts a specific number of cents-per-gallon as specified in advance by the merchant with respect to the relevant location and fuel type. Each merchant may change its participating locations or fuel types without prior notice to Customer.
3. Timing of Fuel Discount or Rebate. WEX may apply each fuel price discount for a given transaction either during the settlement process or monthly as a rebate after the fact. When WEX makes the adjustment during the settlement process, the discounted price will be reflected in the transaction price on Customer’s reports and statements. When WEX provides the discount as a rebate, Customer’s transaction reports and statements will show the retail price. Each month, WEX will review Customer’s previous month’s transactions and calculate the amount of any discounts still owed to the Customer from that previous month. On condition that Customer’s account is then in good standing, WEX will then either credit the Customer’s WEX account or issue the Customer a rebate check, at WEX’s option.
4. Other EDGE Products and Services. Certain non-fuel merchants may offer discounted pricing or other benefits on various products and services, and as a member of and participant in the EDGE Network, Customer will have access to those discount offers, which may be available online. WEX or its affiliates may contact Customer and/or provide Customer with marketing materials with respect to these additional EDGE offerings. Additional terms and conditions may apply to the extent that Customer wishes to purchase certain of the additional products or services. These non-fuel merchants and their specific offers may change from time to time without notice to Customer.